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enStratus Becomes First Cloud Management Solution Integrated with Microsoft System Center

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (April 20, 2010) - enStratus announced today at the 2010 Microsoft Management Summit the integration of its leading cloud management solution to Microsoft System Center. This integration is aimed at Microsoft System Center customers looking to gain visibility into their public and private cloud operations through Operations Manager. With this announcement, enStratus becomes the first cloud management solution to integrate into Microsoft System Center.

enStratus has always monitored virtual systems in a variety of public clouds, including Amazon Web Services, the Rackspace Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and ReliaCloud. With Microsoft System Center integration, customers can now receive health updates and alerts directly into Microsoft System Center to provide a single view of enterprise infrastructure for both cloud and non-cloud systems.

Features include:

Monitoring - enStratus monitoring of events and outages in the cloud, including:

  • Virtual Machine failures
  • Service outages
  • Intrusion detection events
  • Budget thresholds
  • Resource constraints
  • Auto-scaling events

Alert Routing - Routing all alerts/system messages through to Microsoft System Center

Health Management - Health Management through Microsoft System Center and enStratus

"As enterprises migrate more applications into the cloud, leveraging their existing processes and system management solutions becomes more and more critical," commented enStratus CTO George Reese. "Integrating to Microsoft System Center is an important step to help our customers meet that goal."

enStratus integration with Microsoft System Center is available starting today.

About enStratus Networks

enStratus is a cloud infrastructure management platform for deploying and operating enterprise-class applications in public and private clouds. enStratus has a multi-cloud architecture that focuses on security and high availability for mission-critical web applications. We enable an enterprise to run applications that operate on sensitive data in a cloud infrastructure and exceed the service levels supported by the underlying cloud provider. Based in Minneapolis, Minn., enStratus serves hundreds of organizations worldwide. For more information call 612-746-3091 or contact us.

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