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enStratus Announces Support for New Open Source Cloud Platform by Rackspace

enStratus To Collaborate with Rackspace, NASA and Other Industry Leaders on OpenStack Project

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. (July 19, 2010) ¬– enStratus announced today the support for the newly launched OpenStack™, an open-source cloud platform designed to foster the emergence of technology standards and cloud interoperability. Rackspace is donating the code that powers its Cloud Files and Cloud Servers public-cloud offerings to the OpenStack project. The project will also incorporate technology that powers the NASA Nebula Cloud Platform. Rackspace and NASA plan to actively collaborate on joint technology development and leverage the efforts of open-source software developers worldwide.

With enStratus, customers leveraging OpenStack immediately gain governance capabilities including role-based security, auditing and financial controls. Customers can also immediately incorporate the automation engine including auto-scaling, automated recovery and automated backups. Customers can also immediately use enStratus to integrate OpenStack testing with existing cloud infrastructure on Rackspace as well as Amazon Web Services,, Eucalyptus, Google Storage, GoGrid, ReliaCloud, Terremark, VMware and Windows Azure.

"We are excited about OpenStack since it is coming from a proven cloud provider, Rackspace," said enStratus CTO George Reese. "Together with the governance and automation capabilities of enStratus, we believe OpenStack will drive more adoption of cloud computing infrastructure by enterprises."

OpenStack will feature several cloud infrastructure components including a fully distributed object store based on Rackspace Cloud Files, available today at The next component planned for release is a scalable compute-provisioning engine based on the NASA Nebula cloud technology and Rackspace Cloud Servers technology. It is expected to be available later this year.

“We are founding the OpenStack initiative to help drive industry standards, prevent vendor lock-in and generally increase the velocity of innovation in cloud technologies,” said Lew Moorman, President, Cloud and CSO at Rackspace. “We are proud to have NASA’s support in this effort. Its Nebula Cloud Platform is a tremendous boost to the OpenStack community. We expect ongoing collaboration with NASA and the rest of the community to drive more-rapid cloud adoption and innovation, in the private and public spheres.”

Rackspace and NASA have committed to use OpenStack to power their cloud platforms, and Rackspace will dedicate open-source developers and resources to support adoption of OpenStack among enterprises and service providers. An OpenStack Design Summit hosted by Rackspace was held July 13-16 in Austin, where more than 100 technical advisors, developers and founding members including enStratus joined to validate the code and ratify the project roadmap.

To download or contribute code and get involved, visit or contact enStratus at 612 746-3091.

About enStratus Networks

enStratus is a cloud infrastructure management platform for deploying and operating enterprise-class applications in public and private clouds. enStratus has a multi-cloud architecture that focuses on security and high availability for mission-critical web applications. We enable an enterprise to run applications that operate on sensitive data in a cloud infrastructure and exceed the service levels supported by the underlying cloud provider. Based in Minneapolis, MN, enStratus supports Amazon Web Services,, Eucalyptus, Google Storage, GoGrid, Rackspace, ReliaCloud, Terremark, VMware and Windows Azure. For more information call 612-746-3091.

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