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enStratus Extends Support To The Rackspace Cloud

Brings security and reliability to enterprise applications in The Rackspace Cloud

August 8, 2009 - Minneapolis, MN -- enStratus™ today announced that it has extended support for its cloud infrastructure management platform to The Rackspace Cloud, the cloud computing division of Rackspace®. enStratus is a SaaS-based cloud-infrastructure management platform that applies enterprise IT policies and procedures across a multi-cloud, public cloud architecture with a focus on security and high availability for mission-critical web applications.

enStratus now delivers “confidence-in-the-cloud” for The Rackspace Cloud through a patent-pending security architecture and an intelligent auto recovery engine that enables up to six 9’s availability.

“We are excited to have enStratus join our growing list of tools that support The Rackspace Cloud,” said Jim Curry, vice president, corporate development. “enStratus is a valuable service for organizations with mission-critical applications to manage their cloud infrastructure.”

  • Highest Level of Security - Patent-pending security architecture providing encryption and two-factor authentication into cloud servers.
  • Up to Six 9’s Reliability - Automatically manages multiple levels of backups and ‘self-healing’ recovery system for load balancers, application servers, and databases.
  • Easy To Use Rackspace Cloud Management - Easy to use web console to interface and support for Rackspace Cloud servers, images, Cloud Files, and Rackspace CDN.
  • Flexibility - Works with any application and supports web services calls and command-line utilities for managing your applications.

“The enStratus focus on enterprise needs makes support for The Rackspace Cloud absolutely critical for us as a cloud broker,” said enStratus CTO George Reese. “Rackspace has a long history of understanding the needs of enterprise IT, and our integration with The Rackspace Cloud will grow enterprise confidence in the cloud.”

About The Rackspace Cloud

The Rackspace Cloud provides on-demand scalable website, application and storage hosting backed by Fanatical Support®. Through its suite of cloud solutions, Cloud Sites™, Cloud Files™ and Cloud Servers™, The Rackspace Cloud enables astute developers and IT managers to minimize the hassles, upfront investments and high costs associated with dedicated hardware, while offering the ability to easily scale hosting resources. For more information about The Rackspace Cloud, visit or call 1-877-934-0409.

About enStratus Networks

enStratus is a cloud infrastructure management platform for deploying and operating enterprise-class applications in the cloud. enStratus has a multi-cloud architecture that focuses on security and high availability for mission-critical web applications. We enable an enterprise to run applications that operate on sensitive data in a cloud infrastructure and exceed the service levels supported by the underlying cloud provider. Based in Minneapolis, MN, enStratus serves hundreds of organizations worldwide. For more information call 612-746-3091 or visit

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